Sønder Boulevard 84
1720 København V

t: +45 28 29 O9 43


Audiovisual content production company based in copenhagen. We believe that the interaction between senses is essential, when creating an engaging audiovisual production.

In the creative proces we shoot, edit, color grade, as well as compose and produce music and sound design. We mainly work as a unit of two, but also work independently on smaller projects, or as a part of bigger teams for larger productions.

We have worked with a wide range of clients, including Gyldendal, Mikkeller, Københavns Kommune, Unicef, Kolding Designskole, Sex og samfund, Sleeknote and many more.

Selected Work

Showcase of Selected projects from a variety of clients that display some of the different formats that we work with. Ranging from national TV, cinema and Social media commercials, portraits of independent designers and content for different non-government organisations.
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